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The CARES Act (2020 Stimulus Program)

What relief are you eligible for under the 2020 Stimulus Program?  Read on for a summary of The CARES Act.


CoronaVirus and Your Investments

Market reaction, what to do, and what may lie ahead for your investments. 


2019 Investment Review - Party like its 1999!

2019 in review, The Fed, 2020 Election Year, and what's ahead.


Is a stock market crash coming?

I will address what might be the elephant in the room.  I believe many of us fear that we are (eventually) going to see another huge market meltdown like 2008.

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Probate Pitfalls

Do you know what happens to your assets and property after you are gone? Your loved ones may have a hard time accessing them. Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. Typically, probate involves paperwork and court appearances by lawyers to go through such things like…


What you need to know about bear markets!

A bear market is generally defined as a decline in the stock market of 20% or greater. Other definitions add a time element of, for example, 60 days.   Read the full article to find out more about their regularity, what to expect based on history, and what you should and shouldn’t do in a bear market…


Three things I learned in the hospital…

I picked up the phone and heard “Your condition is life threatening…” It’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll be dealing with bad news or a scary diagnosis from a doctor. While it’s easy to read articles offering “tips for dealing with bad news,” when you get that news and you’re scared, all of that advice can fly out of the brain pretty quickly.


Be prepared for the next bear market!

Could we now be in the early phases of the decline?  It’s possible and wouldn’t be surprising given the environment.  Barron’s, a publication I follow closely, suggests the time could be 2019 or 2020. I believe this to be as good a forecast as any…