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Q2 2024 Investment Update

The beginning of 2024 has been positive for stocks which may be a surprise to some looking for a pullback after a strong 2023. But not a surprise to us as we were looking for continued gains (albeit more modest) and even increased our equity exposure.1

Additionally, our thinking was rate cuts might not materialize until later in the year with some bumps in the road on the path towards cuts.  But the market seemingly has been able to brush aside “delayed cuts”.  It might be more important to the markets that it’s no longer “fighting the Fed” (fighting against rate hikes).


Quarterly Changes

Favoring larger companies over smaller companies.  Small companies may also be more sensitive to interest rate changes and thus struggle until rate cuts, or expectations therein, are more clear.

Thus we are adding larger “growth” companies (like Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia) and maintaining large “value” companies  (like Berkshire (Buffet’s co.), Walmart, Home depot, Energy, large Banks and Health Care).


Neutral on international. Not favoring international as a whole but based on our models we changed from Europe to Japan.  Japan continues to be a bright spot in the International areas.


Maintaining a “risk on” with high yield bonds after another positive quarter to start the year.