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Student Loan Forgiveness

Step One: Gather Info

Download your student loan information. Go to and login.

On the right side, under your name, use the dropdown menu select “my aid”. On the following page, on the right side, below your name, click on “download my data” and save the file.

Upload the file here: Secure Upload


If you cannot login or download your info but have a copy of your student loan statement, go to step 2 and schedule an appointment.  Be sure to have the statement available at your appointment.

Get Started

Step Two:  Schedule Appointment

During the appointment we will determine your eligibility for the various Federal Loan Programs offered and create a plan just for you.  These Federal Programs do not require refinancing.


Step Three: Implement

Implement your plan for reducing payments, applying for loan forgiveness, and start looking forward to a new financial life!

Learn more

You became a teacher based on your love of children and Education.  Starting teacher salaries aren’t high and if you’re dealing with the burden of student loans, that salary becomes lower still.

The good news is that there are some great programs teachers can use to get their loans forgiven or cancelled simply by doing their job.

When it comes to your student loans, you have a LOT of different repayment options, and if you’re feeling confused about which one to choose, you’re not alone.  Let us help you.