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Something is happening! How Artificial Intelligence is impacting the investing landscape.

Something abuzz is happening in the marketplace do you see it? Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in the current stock market rally.  We can trace the beginnings and spark that lit the fire back to last year. Now a renewed wave of investor enthusiasm toward AI has contributed to the recent surge in stock market indices.

Companies like Nvidia have been at the forefront, with their annual  Technology Conference generating excitement.  A report suggested that Apple might utilize Alphabet’s Gemini AI chatbot in its upcoming iPhone release, leading to a sharp rally in Alphabet’s stock.1

AI is the new technological disruptor, driving demand for software and semiconductor chips. Some even calling it the next economic revolution. Meta Platforms, Amazon, and Alphabet are among the biggest adopters of generative AI, experiencing stock gains.2

In summary, AI’s impact on the stock market is undeniable, driving growth and reshaping investment strategies. Much of the news of late focuses on big tech and the hardware (semiconductor) makers like Nvidia.  However, over time the AI buzz and adoption thereof should spread to virtually every sector and area of economy.  The speed at and duration of this unfolding place is debatable but its arrival is not. 



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