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Minimize, Maximize, Right Size

How We Help Our Clients

If you are age 50 or older and are planning to retire in the next 5 years, or already retired, we can help.  We want our clients to maximize their benefits, minimize their taxes, and right size their investment risk.

Maximize Benefits

Social security, pensions, investments accounts (403b, 401k, IRA).  Do you know all your options on how to take these benefits and based on your situation which could yield you the most benefit?  

We will build you a cash flow plan to address these questions. 

Minimize Taxes

Different account types are taxed in different ways.  Which accounts should you draw from and how much from each account?  In what order should you draw to minimize your taxes?

We create a withdrawal hierarchy addressing these issues.  

Right size investment risk

Are you taking more investment risk then you need to?  When you are within 5 years of retiring, or newly retired, investment mistakes can be especially costly due to “sequence of return risk”.  Simply put, the risk of retiring during a bad time in the market. 

Or maybe you are playing it too safe and won’t meet your needs.

We will design an investment plan to meet your objectives. 


Schedule a retirement readiness assessment today and start learning how to maximize, minimize and right size your way to retirement.