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Your Investment Closet

Time to clean out your investment closet!

Our investments can be like that junk closet you have at home.  Some people have an entire junk room or garage.  You keep shoving things into the closet and over time you forget what is even in there or why you own it.  The same thing is happening to your investments. 

You collect investment accounts such as 401k’s or 403b’s as you change jobs.  New options like a Roth became available.  Someone from the bank or an insurance rep recommended yet another new account.  And you keep adding to your stocks and mutual funds a long the path of life. 

But now do you know what is in your investment closet or why you own it? 

And when you retire do you know how to draw from those accounts or collect an income to replace your paycheck? 

And what if you had to make changes in a hurry because of market volatility or updating your beneficiaries?  Could you do that quickly and efficiently?

We help you clean out your investment closet so you can get ready for retirement and get your affairs in order for your family. 

Contact us today for an initial complimentary consultation and start cleaning out that investment closet.